PanGu Basics: Placing a Buy/Sell Order

Please note that we have a supporting team available on Telegram 24/7, ready to answer all questions and solve any issues. However, if your question is not answered within minutes, make sure to check our FAQ.

For business proposals or feedback, you can also email us at

To have your token listed on PanGu, please follow the instructions here: Token Listing Request

🆘What is PanGu?

▶ PanGu is a decentralized exchange where you can buy and sell a variety of TRC10 and TRC20 cryptocurrencies with ease. The platform provides a safe and reliable trading experience, with 24/7 customer support and a strong community focus.

🆘 Do I need to create an account to trade on PanGu?

▶ No, you don’t need a dedicated account for PanGu. Your login is done through your Tron-supported browser wallet (we recommend GuildWallet or TronLink), and we don’t store any of your personal information.

🆘 My order failed or is still unconfirmed and I haven’t been refunded my tokens?

▶ Sometimes the TRON network is very unstable, due to server issues with Trongrid. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control. If there are no changes within 1 hour, please contact an admin in our Telegram channel to get individual support. We will assist you in obtaining your tokens back to your wallet.

🆘 My order appeared on the list of current orders but it is still open or only partially filled?

▶ Your order is still waiting to be filled 100%. You can cancel it at any time and get the refund.

🆘 I cannot place market orders. Are just limit orders available?

▶ Currently we have deactivated the market order tab on our site. We will publish it with the upcoming update.

🆘 How can I cancel my order?

▶ You can only cancel limit orders. Go to the "Open Orders" tab, and in the far right you’ll find the “Cancel” button. Press it to cancel the order and have your balance refunded.

🆘 I cancelled my order and haven’t received my tokens back?

▶ Please understand that this is a blockchain operation, and as such, transaction time vary. If you haven’t received the tokens in your wallet within 12 hours, please contact our team on Telegram and provide them the hash code of your transaction (to find the hash, simply click on the creation date of the order).

🆘 Why won’t the website won't allow me to place any of my orders?

▶ Firstly, make sure your Tron wallet has sufficient Energy, Bandwidth or TRX in it to cover for the network fees. Sometimes the Tron network has lag issues and it might affect the response time of our website. We recommend to change to GuildChat's node for faster trading: Full Node: Solidity Node: Event Server:

🆘 Can I use on my mobile device?

▶ You can use PanGu on mobile through GuildChat dApp browser. GuildChat is a social messaging app with built-in blockchain features. You can import your private Tron wallet and use PanGu directly through the app. Download GuildChat:

🆘 How to use PanGu from GuildChat?

▶ To use our PanGu exchange from your GuildChat app, simply go to Discover section> Browser, and from there just click on PanGu banner or input in the URL bar.

🆘 What is the trading fee on

▶ Trading fees on PanGu are the same for both Makers and Takers, a set amount of 0.2% of the volume traded.

🆘 Disclaimer: Transactions on PanGu are powered by the Tron blockchain network, and are subject to the risks inherent to the technology, including but not limited to:

▶ Smart contracts not being handled in a timely manner by the Super Representative node, causing a timeout and and energy consumption of 1,000 TRX.

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